Departure, What the heck is that?
About the Comic
Lights! Camera! Action! The flaws of our predecessors are the burdens that we carry today! Departure is an ongoing webcomic with a sci-fi/fantasy setting that takes place in the year 6042. As galactic governance has been passed down from generation to generation of divine beings, the wars and insecurities of the previous pantheons are weighing down on our world. Whether it’s vanquishing your greatest enemies, or buying tomorrow’s cereal, keeping this plummeting aircraft of a universe together is going to require a little elbow grease, and a lot of confronting your inner insecurities. 

The comic itself is set to focus on themes of family, fate, and the expectations set on the current generation by those who came before them. The cast is wide, but focuses on Kovit Maleenon, Casey, and Vermillion Corstus, three young human-adjacent beings who are unecpectedly swept into a family drama 500 years in the making.

Many characters in this comic are non-binary and use the pronouns they/them. PLEASE refer to characters using the pronouns indicated by other characters within the story. If you're unsure what pronouns to use, just check out the cast page!

Who is "PiraPiranha" and what's his prerogative?
About the Author
PiraPiranha is me! I'm the author, illustrator, character designer, and pretty much every other job there is for this webcomic!
If you're interested in commissions, cameos, or just want to chat a bit you can find me on Twitter, and Instagram

That's all for now! Thank you for reading!